BolmamaBol is working; On the Response to my post about Image Hospitals horrible experience; Got reply about Vikram hospital from hyderabad; Sharing Experiences(by:-amod.kulkarni[at]gmail{dot}com), to make you aware of looters, under the name of Hospital and doctors; shame on.

  1. For cough they told to take X-Ray of month, it sound wired but I took. Then they told your nose has a problem and needs surgery, I did not do it, consulted other doctor and it got cured in couple of days.
  2. For burn by hot water they told to get hospitalized for 2 days, it was minor burn.
  3. My wife ordered " bosh and lomb" lenses they gave fake one.
  4. Eye-lash hair went into my eye, I can see it in mirror, doctor in Vikram hospital suggested for costly eye surgery, So I went to appolo hospital for second opinion, and to my surprise same doctor from Vikram Hospital was there, but he was doing some assistant / compounder kind of role. Real doctor there told me you don't need any operation, even you dont need any doctor appointment, they showed my wife how to remove it, and told dont come to doctor next time for such small things.

Pass on and share on your experience bolmamabol.