Well, currently the “place-to-go-and-see” is undoubtedly the swanky new Hyderabad airport, known as Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. People living nearby and those from the city also are flocking to see the new airport. Those who have been fortunate to have already traveled, say that the airport is indeed world class and gives one the feeling of being somewhere in a foreign country rather than in India.

Despite the ongoing glitches, which are being reported in newspapers everyday, there is no doubt that, all these are initial teething trouble, expected with any major infrastructure where there is so much thoroughfare of people. And yes, people do find it inconvenient to travel so far from the city to the airport, more expensive when one travels by taxis. This is again something which people will soon get used to, there is always a resistance to any new form of change, that’s the basic nature of all human beings.

As they say, “this too shall pass” and once all the glitches are taken care of, surely we will soon hear raving reviews about how the airport is world class, about how Indians should now be proud, about how all cities should have such swanky airports and surely, eventually, people will realize all the work which GMR has done!