He gets it right every time! How does he do it...?
I am conducting a fascinating ESP experiment.

statistics suggest that my system can predict the correct outcome of your
choice with 98% accuracy. 

To prime the system, please select one of the three eyes

Eye 1
Eye 2
Eye 3

There are six small cards below.
Do not select your card
by clicking on it. Instead, please
say the name of your
card out loud so that you remember it.

Card Selection

Stare at your card above.
When you have committed your
card to memory, please click on one of the eyes below.

Eye 1

Eye 2

Eye 3

Eye 4

Eye 5

Eye 6

I have removed your card!


Quantum consistency is: 154

Was my ESP program correct? You can
TRY the ESP test again

Here are explanations of the ESP results.
Contact Cliff if you wish to send your own
explanation of the results.

Be afraid. Be very afraid. If I can guess your
card, what else can I know about you?

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