"Eris Quod Sum" is the seventh episode of the third season of the NBC science fiction drama series Heroes and forty-first episode overall. The episode will air on October 27, 2008. The phrase "Eris Quod Sum" is Latin and translates as "I am what you will be". eris, eris quod sum translation to english is "I am what you will be", heroes eris quod sum, latin to english translation, translator
Heroes Episode 3x07 "Eris Quod Sum" Preview from youtube;
Heroes NBC Episode 3x07 "Eris Quod Sum" HQ Preview!
Having become monstrous, Mohinder attacks Nathan and Tracy, who try to save Maya and other subjects. Elle surprises the Bennet family when she is not able to control her powers. Angela tries to convince Sylar to save Peter from Pinehearst. Sylar is attacked by Mohinder in the process. Daphne is ordered to kill Matt for not joining the villains. Maury Parkman has his neck snapped by Arthur for protecting Matt.Hiro doubts Usutu's advice on how to handle his opponents;

Heroes NBC Episode 3x08 "Villians" HQ Preview!

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Heroes Season 3 - 3x07 Eris Quod Sum BTS footage