I started bolmamabol to write about news and stories that are not covered by media. Mostly experiences by the people about our system, hospitals, rash autowalas, corrupt peoples. Those experiences will be useful for the fellows and other normal people to save and not to repeat mistakes.
I never expected that I will be writing about my own bad experiences here. On 29th September 2008, My self and my wife were going on bike to hi tech city office. Near Madhapur Police station junction, one Autowala(AP10, 9140) came from back and drive rashly. Myself and my wife(pregnant carrying 8-months) felt down on road, she got head injuries, started bleeding, so in emergency we went to nearby hospital ie IMAGE HOSPITALS SUPER-SPECIALITY CENTRE Madhapur, first she - my wife got into ICU, where mosquitoes and butterflies were also there along with doctors. They had initial checkup called for Gynecologist, she had initial check up from Gynecologist, and she told that everything is normal, but she want to confirm it through ultrasound test. So we got admitted in that hospital. This checkup was happened in morning at 10:30AM. We were waiting till 1:30PM but nobody seems interested to come and check us. we had opted for general ward room;(costs 1800/- day as special room costs 3800/- day Even Yahoda hospital costs 2700/- day for special room) as they don't have facility for sharing room. Most of the insurance companies provide assistance for sharing room.
At 1:30PM they told us we will be doing the ultrasound test at IMAGE HOSPITAL Ameerpet, which is around 20KM from madhapur image hospital; Till this time they have given only one IV which was not completed and looking at hospital condition like room facilities, nurses(very poor in English and Hindi, you need to learn local language), doctors(looks retired from their life and only seeks for money). We decided to shift to yahsoda hospital, anyhow we need to travel. So I went to Dr. Nageshawar Rao(Shame to call him as doctor, If you happen to meet him you will realize this statement.) on first floor, I requested him that its too far from our place(we stay near paradise), and you don't have facilities for medical test, so we need to shift to other hospital give us discharge. Now the drama by money lust Nageshawar Rao begins,
Episode One:-
He said it will take half and hour for discharge formalities, and he has to prepare the discharge report and attach it to file/case sheet and give it to billing. Initially he made me frighten saying that, if you travel your baby will be in danger, and hospital will not be responsible for it. I called to my regular Gynecologist and confirmed, she advised to shift immediately as from morning there was no tests happened and Their Gynecologist which they called from outside will be coming only in the evening.
Episode Two:-
Mr.. Nageshawar Rao went somewhere along with file, After half an hour I went to billing desk and asked him about billing he said he did not received the file yet. I went to our ward nurse and asked her about file she said she had done all the formalities and handed over the file to billing department, Again I rush back to billing (They shows they are the busiest people on this planet don't have manners to talk also). But those fellows were in no mood, I was praying to my god. After one hour Mr.. Nageshawar Rao came with file and given to billing dept. Meanwhile i came down with my wife and had request with their main boss sitting in right side cabin, a fat lady wearing specs(behaves like hospital is her property). I was literally begging those people to allow my wife to sit in ambulance(Yashoda hospital ambulance was waiting outside) , as she was getting pain and those image hospital buggers didn't even done the first aid treatment.
Episode Three:-
Billing guy made some initial bill of Rs. 3700/- and shown it to Mr.. Nageshawar Rao(money lust beggar's) he said something and rejected that bill, again he has to make new bill. Finally he made bill for Rs. 4042/-(I said thanks to that lady boss for showing their concern about only money and not about patients).
Episode Four:-
I made payment and asked my wife to sit in ambulance, that security wala who don't understand Hindi or English waits for his boss instructions, and the distance is only call away, i was watching, finally i shouted I paid the bill still they want to make some exit slip, what a human behavior and what a shame on ISO 9001:2000 certification for quality management systems applicable to Health Care Services with Superspecialities in July, 2002.
The worst part is nobody was concern about patient and only concern about money ie for only one IV.
Special Note to north Indian's staying in Madhapur:- Have a better choice than image hospital Madhapur, like Apollo health city and other but put mark on Image hospital Madhapur and help others, Share your experience too.
some of the billing details which i don't understand why it is.
Bed charges 490/- general ward - for five hours
nursing charges 405/- (even yashoda hospital didn't have this much nursing charges)
medical facilities 135/- dono what?
MLC charges 625/- They didn't provided the MLC no also.
medical record charges 525/- dono what?
admin charges 185/
drugs 199/-
attendant pass 60/-
CMO charges 275/-
medical admin 60/-
service charge 482/- for what? to hold a patient with blood on door not sit in ambulance.
assistant doctor charge 250/- must be for nageshawar rao.

and list goes on... to complete it to 4042/- hmm.. bill prepared by Rama Gopal. Receipt no. CB0800001370,
public be aware of it.