The Sharad Purnima or Kojaagari Purnima is a harvest festival celebrated on the full moon day of the Hindu lunar month of Ashwin (September-October). also called the Kaumudi celebration, Kaumudi meaning moonlight.
Some people believe that on this night Laxmi moves about from place to place asking, "Who is awake?" ("Kojagarti?") and shows her pleasure on those she finds awake. Hence, the night is spent in festivity and various games of amusement, in honour of the goddess.
There is also the tradition to have cool Milk & Rice flakes on this night. It is a harvest festival and is celebrated throughout the country, particularly by Maharashtrians i.e. by people residing in Maharashtra, India. The eldest child of the family is also honoured on this day.

In the western state of Gujarat, the night is known as Sharad Poonam. In Gujarat people celebrate it by doing Garba and Raas.

Currently, this full moon comes during Sharad ritu (season ) of the year and hence it is called Sharad Pornima or Sharad Poonam. (Purnima or Poonam = full moon).

There is an Ayurvedic reason behind eating cool Milk & Rice flakes on this night. Sharad ritu (season) consists of those two months season change when Summer is ending and Winter slowly starts. During Sharad time days are very hot and nights are becoming more cooler. This is perfect season for Pitta prakop when pitta vitiates along with other two doshas.

कोजागिरी पौर्णिमा

enjoy Kojagiri Purnima

Time For The Festivity Sharad Purnima is known as Kumar Purnima or Laxmi Puja in Orissa,an eastern state of India. Kumar Purnima is the full-moon day in the month of September- October. This autumn festival is one of the most popular and important festival of Orissa. 'Kumar' or 'Kartikeya', the handsome Son of Shiva was born on this day. He also became the 'God of war'. As young girls always wish for a handsome husband, they propitiate Kumar who was most handsome among the Gods. But, peculiarly enough there is no ritual for the God, instead the Sun and the Moon are worshipped.
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