Lovely Alumni Association University Management System. Lovely professional university. Way to upload an assignment on UMS upload assignment go to login page of ums; username n password (by default ur reg. no. iz both ur username n password) then go to tab assignment and add assignment. select your subject and teacher. Please Select Your Location HeadOffice Ambedkar Chowk Manali Office1 North East UK Route 1 UK Route 2 RJ Route 1 UP Route 1 Web Location HP Route Delhi Route RJ Route 2 Out Campus Kolkata HP Route 2 West Bengal Bhutan Haryana Punjab Jammu Nepal

click on upload icon in front of assignment select or brows ur assignment file.

You will get a message that your assignment file uploaded successfully.

umslpu login screen is not comming, seems server is down, you can check using Cached page.
also one can make use of following direct links to access UMS login screen either from inside campus or from outside campus.
Please access UMS through following links.
Inside campus
Link 1 .

Link 2 .

Link 3 .

Link 4 .

Link 5 .

Outside campus


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User ID:. Password:. Location:. Please Select Your Location, HeadOffice, Ambedkar Chowk, Manali Office1, North East, UK Route 1, UK Route 2, RJ Route 1 ... - 8k - Cached
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