"" former Dallas Cowboy cheerleader Melissa Rycroft and department store buyer Molly Malaney. The single father from Seattle will present his final rose to either Melissa Rycroft or Molly Malaney during tonight's pre-taped The Bachelor thirteenth-season finale broadcast.
According to FORT (Fans of Reality TV), they had it all figured out - pictures showed "moles" that supposedly looked like moles on Melissa's arm, thus meaning that she's the one who Jason chose and proposed to. Seems like a done deal right? Not so fast.
Are jason and molly still together?
Realitv Steve has it all figured out (maybe). He writes, in part:

Jason chose Melissa in New Zealand. No reshoots, no editing, no nothing. All you sleuthers figured it out from Day 1. Which you were supposed to. That’s why I said ABC knew exactly what they were doing when they released the hand with the freckles and the pinky ring and all that stuff. Do you really think they’d make it that easy for you to know he proposes to Melissa in the finale? Just because it was Melissa in New Zealand, didn’t mean you knew the final one now. There’s your love story that they want you to believe. From day one, they’re gonna make it seem like it was Jason and Melissa. She visits him in Seattle. They’re working on a relationship, she’s the lucky girl. But from the beginning, they’ve been planning a shocking ending. And that shocking ending happens to come at the expense of Melissa.

Right now, Jason and Melissa are not together.

So he really ends up with Molly!?

You can watch the videos he's put together here and read more, see for yourself.

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answer to all these questions is ;'Bachelor' chooses Melissa, but heart belongs to Molly. "Bachelor" Jason Mesnick chose former Dallas Cowboy cheerleader Melissa Rycroft -- but then regretted his decision, saying he still loves Molly Malaney reports Chicago Sun-Times.

Now who is the next bachelorette 2009= Jillian Harris