Ashley Biden, the daughter of current Vice President Joe Biden is the center of a scandal after a video emerged that allegedly shows her snorting cocaine this year. The alleged Ashley Biden cocaine video may be a fake, after it was noted that outlets who had seen the video conflicted in their description. ashley biden, ashley biden cocaine, joe biden daughter, biden daughter video, biden video
Clearly excited about the electionThe video starts with a man cutting up five lines cocaine, then handing over a rolled-up dollar bill to the woman (Biden) who then snorts the cocaine. It’s claimed that the video was shot at a party, and the camera was hidden.
RadarOnline who broke the story haven’t 100% confirmed that it was Ashley Biden, but claims that “the woman looks identical to Ashley Biden.”
Ashley Biden is Person to Watch by Delaware Today. There’s no official word yet from The White House or the Vice President.
AOL News alleging that the man trying to sell this video tried to sell another Ashley Biden scandal video in August last year.
Without seeing the tape, it’s difficult to 100% rule it out as a fake, but how two outlets who claimed to have seen the video can diverge in key facts would suggest that something is definitely amiss.
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