Bill Buchanan was a fictional character in 24. Played by James Morrison, the character is the head of the Los Angeles Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) from the fourth season to the sixth season, when he is forced to step down. testo poker face, 24, 24 season 7 cast, 24 cast, 24 characters
24: Season 7 Although the actor originally wrote on his official website that he would not be returning to the series for its seventh season, he said in August 2008 that he will be returning to the show after all.
to reveal a conspiracy at the highest levels of the current administration. The seriousness of this threat has led him to be willing to let his men die in order to achieve their objectives.

After Dubaku is apprehended and a large number of US-based conspirators revealed, he asks the President to speak to Senator Mayer about the Senate hearings where Jack Bauer is accused acts of torture, reminding her of the contribution Jack has made in stopping Dubaku. Later on when General Juma attacks the White House, Bill and Jack realize that Juma is using the President's tracker bracelet to locate her. Bill removes the tracker and uses it to lead Juma's men away from the President, acting as a decoy to buy Jack time to get the President to the lock-down room. He succeeds but is captured by Juma's men and is taken hostage. He sacrifices his life to help the others escape, initiating the FBI raid that saves the President.
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