With Launch of 3G service in Delhi by MTNL Jadoo, Now shining india moving Ahead. By the 27th of this month, mobile telephony will enter its third generation (3G) in 12 cities in India, courtesy the state owned telecom service provider BSNL. BSNL listed that through its 3G network it will be providing features:
Video call/Conferencing
Mobile TV
Richer Multimedia Experience
Video On Demand
Faster Video Streaming and Online Gaming
High Speed Internet With Speeds Up To 2 Mbps
On the other hand there is no news that when private operators like Airtel or Vodafone will be launching their services, which is really disappointing as they are the ones distributing iPhone 3G in India.
3000 rs pm for unlimited plan.
BSNL was in favor of cutting the bandwidth in line with airtel's FUP.So no guarantee that once u shell out a huge amount bsnl will not implement FUP.
The hidden charges have not been highlighted.What I mean by hidden charges are the various taxes we pay under the innocent baby friendly names like education cess, higher education cess etc.Adding this all will bring the bill to above 3500.No mention has also been made of the deposit to be paid.
Note:these apply to postpaid.
BSNL has tied up with Nokia, Sony and Samsung for handset bundling, the cheapest of which is priced at Rs.7000. Voice tariff schemes begin from a fixed monthly charge of Rs.350 for prepaid, and Rs 500 for postpaid. Data subscriptions are available starting Rs 250. The company has tied up with Micromax and Huawei for offering laptop data cards at prices ranging form Rs 3800 to 6000. "Trials are on to launch mobile banking on our 2G and 3G platforms," Mr Goyal said. source.

So my conclusion.Wait for about 6 months or so and see how it goes.