(CBS) In "Live To Tell," a new, three-episode series from the producers of 48 Hours Mystery, each broadcast delivers an unfiltered, first-hand account from extraordinary individuals who came face-to-face with death and, in their darkest hours, found the strength, grit and resourcefulness to persevere. john silverwood, jean silverwood, silverwood, live to tell live to tell Black Wave + youtube

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* Live To Tell
* "In Full:" Emotionally gripping stories told by people who looked death in the eye... and refused to give in.
* 48 Hours Mystery on CBS
This is 48 Hours Mystery: Live To Tell "Black Wave" all about. You can watch Live to Tell Black Wave on CBS. 48 Hours Mystery: Live To Tell: Black Wave will air on CBS at 11pm. It's about Jean Silverwood. She and her family where out for a serene day of sailing when the boat encountered an accident and was sinking. Now Jean had a choice to make, she could either help save her husband or her four children.

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