The number of institutions on the FDIC’s (Federal deposit insurance corporation)“Problem List” increased from 52 to 66 in the 2009. In 2009 itself ie in Jan 2009 and Feb 2009 The fdic troubled bank list increased by 14, 2009 is more to see. As a service to consumers, the staff of the FDIC Library has compiled a listing of several financial institution rating services. fdic, fdic problem list,, bad bank list, troubled banks
Failed Bank List
The FDIC is often appointed as receiver for failed banks. FDIC released and updated troubled bank list which contains useful information for the customers and vendors of these banks. This includes information on the acquiring bank (if applicable), how your accounts and loans are affected, and how vendors can file claims against the receivership.
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This list includes banks which have failed since October 1, 2000.
In summary
* 252 Banking are on the problem bank list issued by the FDIC
* Up 32% from 3rd Quarter where there were 171 Banks on the list
* Banking Sector took record loss of 26.2 Billion in the 4th Quarter
* 25 Banks failed in 2008
* 14 Banks have already failed in 2009

The Stock Market has taken a dip on this news, the Dow Jones is trading around the 7286 closing low of 2002.