Washington's Birthday is a United States federal holiday celebrated on the third Monday of February. It is also commonly known as Presidents Day (or Presidents' Day). As Washington's Birthday or Presidents Day.
Many American schools use the days leading up to Presidents Day to educate students about the history of the Presidents of the United States, especially Washington and Lincoln reports Nytimes.

AP Photo/NY Public Library, Alexander Gardner

With the coming of Abraham Lincoln's bicentennial year in 2009, there will be a flood of academic conferences, exhibitions, the reopening of Ford's Theater and scores of new books, many of them offering revelations from freshly plumbed archives and analyses of figures major and minor.

All across America, President's Day is used as an excuse to sell mattresses and beds. Many stores advertise special Presidents Day Mattress Sales and Presidents Day Mattress Events.
Because Presidents Day is not the official name of the federal holiday, there is variation in how it is rendered. Both Presidents Day and Presidents' Day are today common, and both are considered correct by dictionaries and usage manuals. Presidents' Day was once the predominant style.
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