smile pinki, smile pinkie, smile pink, smile pinky movie, While Slumdog Millionaire Winning Eight Oscar Awards, yet another Indian film has emerged a silent winner. The dark horse in the race is Smile Pinky! It has won the best documentary film award.
Smile Pinky won the best short documentary it wasnt in the list.
Smile Pinky is forty-minute short film directed by Magan Mylan. The film is based on an Indian girl suffering with severe cleft lip.
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Pinki, a girl in rural India whose cleft lip has made her a social outcast, has a chance for a new life when she meets a dedicated social worker.
What makes Pinky delirious with joy is that the short film "on surface about surgery, yet really not at all a medical story" - as its Emmy nominee director Magan Mylan prefers to call it - guarantees her a new life free from fear and ridicule. "Smile Pinky" wins best documentary at the Oscars. Read more about the real Pinky here source TOI