Today just for information sake I published this post about Noida MMS scandal and was surprised to see that Indian pron industry is such a crazy, check out how many visitors are coming to this link, Just a Madness, With growing use of internet and media, why only such things drives people crazy, its true anything can happen in India. Things have come a full circle and another MMS scandal has come to light, Recently circulated Noida MMS video is rocking the online space. It's by far most searched item in India today. Every one seems to be crazy to get hold of the NOIDA MMS clip.

If you are wondering what is the Noida MMS clip then here is small description for you.

This is about and MBA college boy Friends and girl friend who are said to be in love.
One day the girl did striptease for the boy friends and he shot it up on his mobile camera and kept with him.

Later on the boy wanted to marry the girl and she refuses to marry so that frustrated boy friend who is believed to know the password of girls email took the extreme step and circulated that MMS clip know popularly know as "NOIDA MMS".

On internet people are search for this the most common searched item is "Noida MMS " , "Noida MMS youtube Video" , "Noida MMS clip", "Noida MMS Clip" and "NOIDA MMS Download" etc.

This is also being discussed on blogs and forums.I read few blog where people are blaming the Boy and shouting for the very harsh step to be taken against, where as few suggests that girl is also equally faulty as she chooses to get shot on camera with her choice. Few suggest that both of those should be put in jail for rest of their life. Anyhow that doesn't sounds to be the solution to the problem.

The Noida MMS video is also published online with file sharing site for download. One can search online to know more about this. ONLINE NOIDA MMS CLIP OF MBA STUDENT. Click Image to Enlarge
It is worth mentioning here that recently released film Dev D was based on the same issue. Moreover, according to the reports, there is a huge demand of intimate videos of real people to fuel the porn industry.

The story was first reported by Mid Day.
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Article and Pics Source: Mid-Day
So far there is no news of any police action as they are waiting for a complaint to be filed. As per the laws of the land the person circulating such clips can face strict action, as this is a cognizable offence under Indian Penal Code.

Five years after a sex clip made and circulated by a Delhi school student made news, a similar incident has been reported from a business school in Noida. A student has sent out a video of his 23-year old girlfriend doing a striptease for him, to some fellow students at the management school. This reportedly happened after the woman refused to marry him. The woman studies at the same institution. The story was first reported by Mid Day. It said the two students were probably classmates. The man, who apparently knew the password of the woman’s email ID, logged in to her mail and sent the video to some people on her contact list.

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