Vevo is collection of music videos, video technologies on internet. It is built by peopl who loves music and knows better use and power of internet.
The latest news is by Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment in partnership with Google / YouTube going to release the Vevo very soon, This will a different experience for people who love music and also internet technlogy.Google confirmed to

The site will be wholly owned by Universal. “Universal owns the site, but Google/YouTube is providing the technology,” The purpose behind Vevo is to sell advertising at higher rates thanYouTube does now. If that means loads of overlays, pre-roll and post-roll advertising, users might revolt.
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Launching later this year, VEVO will be a premium online music video hub built for consumers, advertisers and content owners that will blend UMG’s broad catalog of top artists and content with YouTube’s leading edge video technology and user community. YouTube will provide the technology infrastructure that will power VEVO and host UMG’s extensive library of professionally-created music videos on the new site. On YouTube, this content will be exclusively available through and a new VEVO channel through a special VEVO branded embedded player.
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