A four day occasion and has started from thursday after diwali.Every year chhat puja celebrated across north india and Bihar.It is celebrated twice a year: once in the summers (May-July), called the Chaiti Chhath, and once in the winter (September-November) around a week after Deepawali, called the Kartik Chhath.
The latter is more popular because winters are the usual festive season in North India, and Chhath, being an arduous observance, requiring the worshippers to fast without water for more than 24 hours, is easier to undertake in the Indian winters.This is a ritual bathing festival that follows a period of abstinence and ritual segregation of the worshiper from the main household for four days. During this period, the worshiper observes ritual purity, and sleeps on the floor on a single blanket.The folk songs sung on the eve of Chhath mirror the culture, social structure, mythology and history of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Nowadays, modern chhat puja sms,chhat puja songs, largely Bollywood film remixes have caught on, but the old tradition still goes strong with a great degree of sanctity,chhat puja geet.
There have been arrangemnt made by Bihar and UP government to maintain the safety of devotees and people from drowning and crowd.
Lets pray to lord bhaskar (Sun) that Earth may long live safely , green and clean. Give long safe life to people of India and world.
Many wishes for Chhat Puja.
Pictures of Chhath
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