World War II -Operation Felix was the codename for a proposed German seizure of Gibraltar during the Second World War. It never got beyond the staff study stage, even though planning continued into 1944,[1] primarily because of Francisco Franco's reluctance to commit Spain to enter the war on the Axis side.
Inside the Rock of Gibraltar itself, miles of tunnels were excavated from the limestone. Masses of rock were blasted out to build an "underground city".[4] In huge man-made caverns, barracks, offices, and a fully equipped hospital were constructed, complete with an operating theatre and X-ray equipment.
Mediterranean Theatre-"The aim of German intervention in the Iberian Peninsula (code name Felix) will be to drive the English out of the Western Mediterranean."
Francoist Spain Canceled military operations involving Germany -They returned to Germany with the conclusion that Franco's regime was reluctant to enter the war. However, it has since become known that Canaris was disloyal to Hitler and actually encouraged Franco not to join the Axis, since an Allied victory was almost certain. Canaris' team did however determine that Gibraltar might be seized through an air-supported ground assault involving at least two infantry regiments, three engineer battalions, and a dozen artillery regiments. Canaris declared that without 15 inch heavy assault cannon - which he knew were unavailable - Gibraltar could not be taken. When he reported to Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel, he gave his personal opinion that even if Germany were able, with the cooperation of Spain, to seize Gibraltar, the British would land in Morocco and French West Africa.[2]
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Clàrsach (Scots Gaelic), Cláirseach (Middle Irish) are the Gaelic words for 'a harp'. The word clarsach is used in Scottish English and the word cláirseach is used in Irish to refer to a variety of small Irish and Scottish Clàrsach harps- - the fourth is the 15th century 'Wartburg' harp from Germany..
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