Karwa Chauth Sweet, Receipe of Churma, Churma a rajasthani sweet dish.How to prepare Churma? How to prepare dal churma?

Take 4 cups of wheat flour. Put 1 cup of cooking oil in the wheat flour. Mix it well. Then put required amount of water in the wheat flour mixture, so that dough is made. Then make small pieces of wheat dought and fry in cooking oil, till the pieces are light brown in colour.
Let them cool down, and then grind them in a grinder mixture, so that powder is formed.
Take 1 cup of sugar, gring it seperately in a grinder mixture and mix it in the wheat powder fromed before.
Then take 2 table spoon ghee, heat it in a pan, put some pieces of Kaju  in the hot ghee, till kaju is light brown, put off the flame, and pour the ghee in the mixture prepared before . Make small pieces of badam and mix in the mixture formed before.
And hears your delicious Churma ready to serve.

You can serve it with Dal , prepared with Arhad dal only.
Ingrediants for preparing Churma .
1)Wheat flour
2)Cooking Oil
6)Kaju, Badam

Churma, a famous rajasthani dish