Today I came across Big "B" blog, yes its Amitabh Bachchan Blog, and was very much impressed with his ideas posted on blog, He says

I envision a vast venue of endless space. I envision creativity from every corner of our country. The film worlds from the North and South and the East and the West, the classical dance and art and music forms, the tribal, the rural and urban, all together. All expounding love and compassion. Welcoming vibrations. Welcoming peace. Welcoming harmony. All adhered to the one aspect that we all enjoy and love - that we are all humans. That we are rare and special. And that we all need to understand that and to cherish it till eternity.

I envision that and wonder and hope that some day it can be possible. I have often shared these thoughts with others, given ideas and concepts. But it has remained there in that nascent stage - just an idea.

Nice concept and idea,
I don't know why my mind asked me to comment on, I had made a comment as

Nice, very novel thoughts, Why I can’t get such thoughts, because, I struggle for 14 hours a day to get my bread and butter, and to fullfill my needs, and also thats the comman mans story, here. Rich are getting richer, poor are getting poorer.

I am not sure this comment is going to approve or not.

No doubt one has to struggle to get that level, There is no shortcut to Success. But do we have courage. Bill Gates when it comes to amassing wealth but why can’t they aspire to do even half of what Bill Gates does for charity? It’s easy to get rich but very difficult to have the guts to walk away from the riches and contribute so liberally to charity. How many Indians would be able to do that? And if one Big "B" is doing that, I think I too get enough time to envision to think.
Nice thoughts Dear Amitabh Bachchan Ji, and Nice Blog.
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