Have a vision for your future...
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How can you build the life you want? The answer to that question is different for each of us. But it’s critical that you answer it, because in the answer you will find purpose and meaning. Many of us look for happiness in things, but happiness doesn’t come from things, it comes from how we relate to ourselves and our world.

Be True to Yourself
Have a Vision for Your Future
Avoid Debt
Continue Your Education
Take Responsibility for Change
Learn from Mistakes -
Build Quality Relationships/Discard Destructive Ones
Love: Look for a partner who is on a similar journey as yours, who has similar goals and values, and build on your relationship by giving your love and encouragement
Friendship: Look for people with similar values, who give as much as they take, with which you can share interests and hobbies.
Do the Right Thing Even When it is Unpopular
Honor Your Commitments - Do not make commitments lightly
Be Charitable
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