What is the best gift for New York city on this friday that whole city will celebrate The Yankees 27th World Series title - with a "ticker tape" parade up the Canyon of Heroes.
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"Congratulations to all the Yankees for bringing the world championship back home to New York City, where it belongs," said Bloomberg, who watched Game 6 at at Yankee Stadium. "
The scory story is :Drives in 6 runs in Game 6 victory over 2008 champion Phillies.
Pedro Martinez ,Hideki Matsui, Derek Jeter and other players together brought the champions cup back to new york home.
Matsui, who was unable to play the outfield in Games 3, 4 and 5 in Philadelphia because of a bad left knee, returned to the lineup Wednesday night as New York's designated hitter and drove in six runs, including four off Martinez, to lead the Yankees to a 7-3 win and their 27th World Series title.
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pictures and video on celebration.
Yankees parade: Friday 11 a.m., route up Broadway - it's confetti time at the Canyon of Heroes!
"Canyon of Heroes" is a colloquialism referring to the section of New York City's lower Broadway and the Financial District that is the historic location of the city's ticker-tape parades.
List of ticker-tape parades in New York City

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