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What are Cyclones?

A "Cyclonic Storm" or a "Cyclone" is an intense vortex or a whirl in the atmosphere with very strong winds circulating around it in anti-clockwise direction in the Northern Hemisphere and in clockwise direction in the Southern Hemisphere.

The word "Cyclone" is derived from the Greek, word "Cyclos" meaning the coils of a snake. To Henri Peddington, the tropical storms in the Bay of Bengal and in the Arabian Sea appeared like the coiled serpents of the sea and he named these storms as "Cyclones".

Cyclones are intense low pressure areas - from the centre of which pressure increases outwards- The amount of the pressure drop in the centre and the rate at which it increases outwards gives the intensity of the cyclones and the strength of winds.

The criteria followed by the Meteorological Department of India to classify the low pressure systems in the Bay of Bengal and in the Arabian Sea as adopted by the World Meteorological Organisation (W.M.O.)

Cyclone Phyan at level 6, alert in Mumbai

This cyclone, called PHYAN, is pegged at level six and the Met department has advised people in low lying areas to vacate at the earliest. It has also predicted rough seas, which is why port activities have been reduced and fishermen warned against venturing out into the sea. All emergency services have been put on high alert.

A depression had formed over the Arabian Sea, about 370 km southwest of Mangalore on Monday. It moved northwest through the night, forming a deep depression 470 km west of Mangalore by 8.30 am on Tuesday.

The cyclone is likely to hit the southern coast of Gujarat on Wednesday afternoon, accompanied by winds up to 85 km per hour and heavy rainfall up to 25 cm in the region, the Met department has said.

The Met Department said on its website: "The system is likely to intensify into a cyclone and move in a northerly direction for some time more, and then north-northeastwards and cross the south Gujarat and north Maharashtra coast between Mahuva and Dahanu by the early hours of November 12." Bhavnagar Collector Pradeep Shah said fishermen have been issued an advisory while the district administration has taken precautionary measures for any emergency.

Bhavnagar district lies off the Gulf of Cambay, which falls in the trajectory of the depression. Shah added: "The collectorate has issued an advice and wants the people not to panic.

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