Referendum Election – November 3, 2009
Referendum Elections are held to provide Maine’s citizens an opportunity to vote on People’s Veto Referenda, Direct Initiatives of Legislation (i.e. Citizen Initiatives), Bond Issues, other referenda proposed by the Legislature, and Constitutional Amendments. Referendum elections are an important part of the heritage of public participation in Maine.
For information about how and where to vote, please contact your local municipal clerk or call Maine’s Division of Elections at 624-7650. Information is also available online at:
Citizen’s Guide to thisReferendum Election
Voter Information as followed
Find your Elected Officials Find your Polling Place eDemocracy
Voter Registration - includes the Maine Voter Guide, Eligibility Requirements, Voter Rights and Enrolled & Registered Voters by County and Town
Absentee Voting - includes the Guide to Absentee Voting
Online Absentee Ballot Request
Early Voting in Maine
Accessible Voting Solution
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