1st December is World AIDS Day.

World Aids Day is celebrated with the aim of
Assimilating funds
Spreading awareness
Fighting prejudice and
Educating people rightly

The theme for World AIDS Day 2009 is ‘Universal access and Human Rights’.

World AIDS Day is an opportunity to bring people together and talk about HIV.By organising functions and holding events, one can help spread the awareness and break the silence on AIDS.
As of today, more than 41 million people are living with HIV/AIDS. World AIDS Day can best be utilised to introduce ways concerning how affects of AIDS can be treated and hopefully breakdown some of the unwarranted stigma that surrounds HIV.

The first World AIDS day was on 1 December 1988.The theme of World AIDS Day can be utilised to present true accounts of how HIV infects people living in the world. It can very well be used for dispelling myths, misinformation and confusion. There is a lot of progress in increasing access to HIV/AIDS services, yet greater commitment is required around if the goal of universal access is to be achieved.

While discovering real stories about HIV one message can be passed on this day that understanding the facts is the key to fighting prejudice and protecting yourself and others. World AIDS Day re-iterates our resolve to unite in the fight against HIV.