rookie of the year movie Rookie of the Year is a 1993 baseball movie starring Thomas Ian Nicholas and Gary Busey.

Henry Rowengartner (Nicholas), a 12-year-old Little Leaguer, has dreams of playing in the major leagues. One day, Henry breaks his arm trying to catch a fly ball and has to wrap it in a cast. Once the arm is healed the doctor removes the cast and discovers Henry's tendons have healed "a little too tight", thus enabling Henry to cock his arm back and fire it forward with incredible force.
The ECHL has named hockey’s Bryan Ewing (Wheeling Nailers) CCM Rookie of the Year. Ewing was named Rookie of the Year and winner of the John A. Dailey Memorial Trophy Saturday.
The rest of the voting can be seen reportedly

Last year winner was 2008-09 Bryan Ewing, Wheeling Nailers
Rookie of the Year - Steadman Rollin on the Grind

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