ray j, for the love of ray j cocktail, ray j gossip, joanna hernandez, ray j and unique . For the Love of Ray J is a dating show on VH1 featuring hip hop singer Ray J.The program has a format similar to Flavor of Love, I Love New York, and Rock of Love.
Cocktail is the winner on the Finale of For The Love Of Ray J
For The Love Of Ray J winner, Joanna Hernandez, aka Cocktail has taken home her prize, Ray J, from the VH1 reality television show “For the Love of Ray J” after being chosen by Ray J as the last contestant. reports.

According to one commentator, the concept of the show involves pampering the contestants with "upscale trips throughout the series" and "Ray J's so in love that he's already given participating girls names like Cashmere, Unique and Hot Cocoa."
Reunion Show To be aired April 27, 2009

What Doesn't Happen in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

Aired April 20, 2009

After the three remaining girls were given a chance to meet all of Ray's friends and family, Ray decides he needs to flip the script and go and meet their families. But the journey for one of them has become too much and must leave the house before they go any further. In a shocking farewell, one of them packs her bags and says goodbye once and for all. The show must go on however, so Ray and the remaining two girls pack their bags, get on Ray's private jet and travel to the ladies hometowns to meet the parents!!! Ray's goal of getting a better understanding of the remaining girls works when he learns more than he ever expected. After meeting the ladies families Ray decides that it's time to finish things right...so they get back on the jet and head to Vegas. Ray spends quality time with each girl.

—VH1 episode summary

"For the Love of Ray J Episode 111 Summary"
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