What does Google Co Accounts Setsid mean ? Is Google Co Accounts Setsid A Google Error Or Some thing Please help.

Some problems has occurred during login to our personal Google Adsense account. Google Co Accounts Setsid is not an PHP Coding Error it's sign of Google adsense site under maintainance. So You not need to worry about your adsense account just wait be patient until the site maintainance will completed.

The same problem reported in Gmail account according to several UK Users.

check discussion thread for google-co-accounts-setsid-google-adsense-error

I'm having the same problem, but I get redirected to www.google.co.uk/accounts/ SetSID... which makes sense as I am located in the UK. ...
When I try to log into my Gmail and Adsense account I get a message > that asks me if I want to download the file "setSID", I tried ...