Mumbai Live News Update Today Like Hollywood movie Scene
Just when the city of Mumbai was winding down for the day and getting ready to celebrate the victory of India in the cricket match, terror struck. Probably the worst terror attack to be ever witnessed by India, terrorists have taken siege of literally the entire Southern Mumbai. Who would ever imagine that young men with AK 47’s would walk into the Oberoi, Taj, Cama Hospital, CST station and just start indiscriminate firing? This completely unbelievable situation seems to be right from a Hollywood movie.
The stock exchanges – BSE, NSE and the Commodity markets are closed. The schools and colleges are closed and people have been advised to stay back home. The usually mouthed “spirit of Mumbai” has been completely shattered and for now, the fear is very real and palpable. The deaths of over 100 innocent people and the brave men - the ATS chief Hemant Karkare and Senior PI Vijay Salaskar has deepened the pall of gloom.
This is not the time to play the blame game and talk about the inefficiencies of the political leaders that we have. That can be left for later. For now, we all can just hope and pray that the situation improves and some sense of security returns back to the city. Seeing the gore and ugliness of terrorism, so up, close and personal leaves one completely numb.

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