Wurzelbacher launched a web site called called SecureOurDream.com. where is joe the plumber now, joe the plumber website, after the election
The purpose of the site is to help people take control of their government he said.

“I have formed this organization to bring together individuals who want to help others, while at the same time ensuring our government keeps answering our tough questions,” reads a narrative attributed to Wurzelbacher on his new site secureourdream.com

Real change in America will only begin if the backbone of this country becomes personally involved in demanding more from our elected officials, and by helping one another in times of need. This is my new mission in life, and I ask you to join me in the fight to secure our American Dream.


The other day, I was contacted by 72-year old man who pleaded with me to share his story with the media and politicians. He and his wife lost all of their savings in the stock market recently. They worked all their lives for this country and now they have nothing. Why? Because of corruption in Washington. That man asked me, “What do I do now Joe?”
Lets see how it goes;