What is Jaagore?
Jaagore, set up in partnership with Tata, has a fully functional website (www.jaagore. com), where one can get voter ID forms and also find out about the nearest polling booth. If that is not enough, one can dial the helpline number provided on the website for more information.
Jagoo Re! is one of the first initiatives started by corporate India to enable people to voice their opinions in the electoral process in the Country. It is very important for people with good beliefs and ideals to get into electoral politics and exercise their electoral rights.
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The electoral office has started broadcasting jingles to promote voting, Jaagore and Exercising Franchise for Good Governance (EFG) have set up websites and helplines that tell you why you should vote and how you can register yourself.

Stop cribbing about bad infrastructure, administration and poverty and now get the politicians accountable for their work. It is time to get the report card and match their electoral politics with action.
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Remember unless you vote and exercise right, you have no right on any of the matters of the country.

The site facilitates your applications for registrations as a voter and for the people who are already registered, you would be receiving newsletters on the elections dates, candidates etc; periodically.
Register http://jaagore.com/ for more information. Let us join and support such a noble initiative!
Sep 18, 2008 ... Jaago Re ad campaign from Tata Tea and Janaagraha.