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With rumor spreading about ICICI bank is bankrupt, ICICI bank customers are getting panic, and that panic I have seen yesterday night. I got call from my friend saying ICICI bank may go for bankrupt, ie at around 9PM, He got the news from some local TV channel, which was flashing the news and experts were suggesting for taking out money as much as you can. I wanted to check, so just came out and went nearby ICICI bank ATM; and to my surprise there was long long queue; I went to other ATM, there is also same thing; people were waiting infront of ATM' till ATM runs out of money, and within three hours time all ICICI bank ATM's were short of money, people were rushing towrds other ATM's like
SBI(were not giving money to ICICI banks customers, making more panic and giving support to rumors); some ATM's were giving money for current account.
Bank of Badora- no money for ICICI
Axis Banks ATM, was giving money
ING vaysa Bank was also allowing ICICI customers for money withdraw.
but Those ATM's also run short of money after two three hours, and I was also being ICICI custoers, was searching for ATM to withdraw money, standing in queus, but no luck, till 3'o clock in morning all ATM's were running short of money;
This may be surprised morning shock to ICICI bank now that, all their ATM's are dried.

ICICI Bank falls to 52-week low
Led by heavy-weight ICICI Bank, whose shares plummeted to a 52-week low of Rs 483,
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ICICI Bank singed by UK heat
among sensex stocks, ICICI Bank was hit the most on fears of the bank's UK operations being hit by the looming crisis in Europ

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ICICI Bank is India’s second largest bank with consolidated banking assets of US $ 112.6 billion as on June 30, 2008.
It is a little hard to believe that a bank of this size will go bankrupt, but with Recent Lehman Brother’s experience people are not willing to believe, and ready to go with rumors.
Here in Hyderabad depositors are in a frenzy to withdraw money from the banks ATM’s.
If anyone has any more news about this, post a comment share your experences to help people, and help to stop panic. Money will not go anywhere, as these private sector bank's has master control from RBI, RBI will make sure that ICICI bank customer will get return their single penny.