On 13-Mar-08 morning I found that a sum of Rs.38000.00 was unauthorizly transferred from my HDFC a/c to another HDFC a/c #03941140044680 who’s a/c name was given as Manuram Basumatari through third party transfer facility using my netbanking. Immediately I call HDFC Bank and filed phone complaint and the complaint number is 204470186. During my complaint the bank people said that the amount was not yet credited into the his a/c, but they did not take action to stop the transaction rather they asked me to come in person and give written complaint. Next moment I went to bank and given them written complaint and I asked them whether they have stopped the transaction or not but there reply was that guy has already withdrawn the money from his account which is absolutely bank’s lack of service.I was so tensed and shocked to hear that.

Next day myself and my wifewent and spoke with the branch manager MR.VENKATESWARAN for nearly 45min. He called that guy and asked him to deposit the amount within an hour for what that guys said he will do it, but till today I did not get the amount. Then the branch manager said there are only 2 possible was for this to happen either I should have accessed some phising *****s or I would have given my username and password to someone. I strongly disagree with the above 2 options because I am also a software engineer working in software field for more than 9 yrs so I know the importance of username and password and I am 200% sure I did not access any phising *****s because I know what phising *****s are.
Previn Vincent
Chennai – 600028
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I too use HDFC netbanking facility; HDFC bank customer service is not good, well these days banks are becoming hell, I had experiences with ICICI also; initial days like five years before, they were very polite and prompt, but these days; you will get screwed like anything.
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