When we heal the earth, we heal ourselves - David Orr



When our planet is faced with major environmental challenges and threats of global magnitude it calls for more responsibility and accountability on our part to promote and secure the sustainability of life.

Today we need to redefine our course of action and take measures to preserve our biosphere. As conscious individuals we must adopt eco-efficiency practices in order to use less energy and reduce emissions and waste. This requires the widespread support of environmental-friendly production technologies and an increased use of recycled materials.

Change has become the need of the hour. On World Environmental Day (June 5), Let’s decide to make our earth ‘Polythene-Free’ and Keep it Green.

To kick start ,

1.     Use cloth bags which people can use instead of plastic/ polythene bags.

2.     Have a plan to reduce consumption of Electivity, Paper & water and to eliminate usage of Plastic.

3.     Paper conservation thru reduction in wasteful printing on our printers and in reducing usage of paper tissues.

4.     Sensitize people for prudence in switching on/off their computers / lights / fans and air-conditioners where available.

Hazards of Polythene bags
Annually a trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide, which end up in landfills and in our oceans. These bags photo degrade over time, releasing toxic chemicals, contaminating the soil and waterways and eventually find their way into the food chain.

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