Online Admission to Colleges in Mumbai for FYJC will started this year from today. Students in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region applying to a junior college (FYJC) in the general (open merit) category, will have apply online.
“We have received petitions from several SSC students and parents complaining of the abnormal marking system implemented by the ICSE and CBSE boards, whereby they get phenomenally high marks. SSC students feel that an injustice has been done to them. The government has to take all sections of society into consideration,’’ said Vikhe-Patil, explaining the government’s decision. by TOI on State plans 90% FYJC quota for SSC students.
MUMBAI: The state education department unveiled the final version of its eagerly awaited online admission system to junior colleges. The year,
all students in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region applying to a junior college in the general (open merit) category, will have to do so online. Admissions to the 50% minority quota at minority institutions, and the 5% management quota, will not be online, and will be left to colleges to conduct.

The admission site,, (note: Mozilla browser is not supported)will be operational from June 10. Students will be able to practise filling out their application forms,
before the SSC results are out. Once the results are out, a student can fill out and lock the form, print it out, and manually submit it a designated submission center.
check out mock test site for FYJC Mumbai online admissions
Students can apply to a maximum of 150 colleges and as many as two streams. ICSE and CBSE students will have to download the form and fill it manually. In the science and the commerce streams, students can apply to both the regular science course as well as the vocational science course.
Students will receive an e-mail and sms informing them of the college they have made it to once the merit list is out.
Over 1,000 centres, including schools, colleges and special MKCL centres will be set so students can access a computer and fill out their forms. reports TOI Online admission takes shape
Application Fees for 11th Standard Online Admission of F.Y.J.C. 09-10
Candidate is required to take two print-outs of the Online Application Form duly filled in . S/he is required to submit the print-outs (not the hand written application form) along with :
Application Fee of Rs. 125 /- ( Rupees one hundred and twenty five only) in cash
Required documents
only at the Submission Center shown on the above mentioned print-out.

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