TV Viewing may harm kids cognitive development-Washington.


Parents please note-

Buying sometimes to do the chores by sticking infants in front of the television may be harming their cognitive development, a study has suggested.


Researchers at University of Washington in Seattle have carried out the study and found infants vocalize less and hear fewer words from nearby adults when the TV is on, which in turn affects their cognitive development.

“There is no question that human voice and human words are what babies need.


The data are not yet conclusive about the fact that television is harmful, but they continue to mount”. Lead researcher Dimitri Christaks told the ‘New Scientist’.


For the study, researchers equipped 329 infants, aged between 2 months 48 months with lightweight recorders that captured every noise they heard in 24 hour period. Then, a computer programme determined whether each sound came from the infant, an adult or the television. All that cognitive stimulation is critical to the underlying architecture that’s developing.