Who is Taysha Valez?
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Taysha Valez, a self-made, 27 year old billionaire, and owner of Socialite Collection makeup and skin care line. Taysha Valez is the author of “Young Black Millionairess” and that she owns H. Couture Beauty LLC which made her a self-made billionare at just 27 years old.
Taysha Valez was recently featured on The Young, Black and Fabulous (theybf.com). You can see Taysha Valez pictures here.
Taysha Valez wealth.
The vintage queen (she also owns the By Appt. Only haute vintage department store Taysha’s New York) is rocking vintage 1979 python rimmed Dior shades (costing $5,600), and a ridiculous amount of vintage jewelry–worth over $250k.
These are 100% custom made and molded for the person ordering–and they’re no less than $8,000 a pair.

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Taysha Valez usually stays out of the spot light, but she has been linked to high profile celebrities including Usher.
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