Fake IPL player doesn't reveal identity as promised
After promising to reveal his identity at the end of Kolkata Knight Riders' Indian Premier League campaign, the blogger, who calls himself a Fake IPL Player, has left everyone guessing by not coming out with the much-awaited disclosure in what is ostensibly his last post.
"This is me the fake IPL player or FIP as you sometimes call me. It's been four weeks, 43 posts and about 70,000 comments till now. Behind all the grease paint, I am just another faceless guy. I grew up in Delhi, where I learnt my art. I have traveled and worked almost all over India," he says.

His posts ridiculing the Knight Riders and the rest of the IPL teams made him immensely popular among citizens and drew sharp reactions from the KKR management with the team's official website calling the blog an example of "poison-pen writing". reports