Satyam World Bank Fox News Story is Wrong and Also Ramalinga Raju Resigns news is baseless, But Crocked Satyam Shares Today
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Early on Tuesday, there were unconfirmed reports that Satyam Computers founder and chairman Ramalinga Raju had resigned from the board, its not confirmed news, reports indiatimes it This news really made the satyam stock go down and down in the its history. Shares of Satyam were down 8.5% to Rs 148.60 on the BSE in intra day trading.
Also there was one more news for Satyam ie Satyam barred from World Bank business: WB spokesman, confirming a report by Fox News, Read the FOX story, But the Update at the end of this page says that News story is wrong.

After FOX News published its story, a World Bank spokesman issued the following statement:

"The Fox News story is wrong and is riddled with falsehoods and errors. The story cites misinformation from unattributed sources and leaked emails that are taken out of context.

"Like other public and private institutions, the World Bank has repeatedly experienced hacking attacks on its computer systems and is constantly updating its security to defeat these. But at no point has a hacking attack accessed sensitive information in the World Bank's Treasury, procurement, anti-corruption or human resources departments."