The qualified candidates of OJEE-10 are required to register ONLINE through Internet from places of their convenience through the OJEE counselling website to participate in counselling process. The detailed procedure is described below.
1. A candidate has to open the website and click on "Click for New Registration".
2. All the streams (Engg., Medical etc.) will appear on the computer screen; click on the desired stream to register as a new candidate. Follow the instructions given on the screen.
3. Enter the following as indicated in the Admit Card:
(a) Name
(b) Roll number
(c) Application number
(d) Date of Birth 
Schedule of OJEE 2010 Counseling  Counselling details available at 

The data submitted by the candidate will be verified with the OJEE-2010 database and if it matches then only the candidate will be permitted to proceed further and the candidate is required to give his own password.

  •  The length of the password must be minimum 6 and maximum 12 characters.
  •  Next time, the candidate can login directly with Roll Number as login ID and the chosen password as Password by clicking “Registered User Login”. Whenever the candidates login, they have to LOGOUT at the end.
  •  Candidates are advised to record/remember their password for all future Logins.
  •  Confidentiality of the password is the sole responsibility of the candidate and all care must be taken to protect its security.
  •  Candidates are advised not to disclose or share their password with anybody. OJEE is not responsible for violation or misuse of the password of the candidate.
  •  If a candidate forgets his/her password, the additional information provided by the candidate at the time of registration will be used to get the new password. Hence, every candidate has to enter the required additional information as indicated in the registration form at the time of registration.
  •  A candidate can change his/her password after login, if desired.
  • 4. After login, the personal data of the candidate will automatically appear on the screen as per OJEE-2010 database. The candidate must verify his/her personal data. In case of discrepancies, the candidates are required to bring the same to the notice of OJEE for the rectification of the same well in time; otherwise such discrepancies may lead to cancellation of the allotted seat. Candidate can take a printout of the registration form with the above personal data.
  •  It is the sole responsibility of the candidate to verify his/her personal data, including category, subcategory, state of eligibility and gender as per documentary evidence. By changing the category, sub category, state of eligibility and gender, eligibility of the candidate may change. OJEE is not responsible for any omissions in the details and its consequence thereafter.
  •  If the personal data verified and submitted by the candidate is found to be wrong at the time of verification of certificates during remote reporting or at a later stage, the allotment of seat/provisional admission is liable to be cancelled.
  •  Once this personal data is verified and submitted, the candidate will not be allowed to change the personal data under any circumstances.
  • Forgotten Password option will help to regenerate/change the forgotten Password.