Manisha Koirala Marriage:Manisha Weds Samrat Dahal: Manisha Koirala marriage has happened with Samrat Dahal Buisiness man of Nepal.Manisha Koirala Marriage was held at Gokarna Forest Resort near Kathmandu.
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41 years old Manisha Koirala is Getting married with 34 years old Samrat Dahal,Both were met on Facebook for the very first time.
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Manisha B. Koirala (born August 16, 1970) is a Nepali-Indian actress who works in Indian films,
On June 19th 2010, Manisha married Samrat Dahal in a traditional ceremony held in Kathmandu. They met through online social network Facebook. She was reportedly engaged to Crispin Conroy who was Australian ambassador to Nepal in 2001, but broke up with him soon. There were also reports of Manisha dating American speaker and author Christopher Dorris, but that relationship too ended.
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Manisha will live in Nepal and will mostly devote time to Nepali films, which she has already begun by acting in Dharam opposite famous actor Rajesh Hamal, said Koirala.

We wish Manisha Koirala and Samrat Dahal a happy marriage life.

  Swyambar was on June 17 (Ashad 3), Mehndi was June 17 (Ashad 4), and the marriage is on June 19 (Ashad 5) today. Manisha will be flying in some of her close friends including Deepti Naval, Anu, Avinash and Paulomi Sanghvi for the occasion. One of her close friend said, “Manisha was looking for her soul mate and she seems to have found one in Samrat.”
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