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This movie is a complete disaster. Not even worth watching once. Music is jarring I heard that way back but was thinking I can enjoy after watching movie. There was a very poor story line. Weakest point was Barbara if Namitha was in place of Barbara it was a super hit.

Attention: Please don't go with friends because they are not giving ticket money after watching.

Anyway Good news is: Remake of this movie staring AWB, Namitha, Tamannah will be released next week. It would be awesome nobody can afford to miss.

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The story bears an uncanny resemblance to K. Balachander's EK DUUJE KE LIYE,
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Raja Sen: Kites, a trainwreck in slow-motion: Rediff.com Movies

21 May 2010 ... Raja Sen: Kites, a trainwreck in slow-motion | Rediff.com: Latest bollywood news | Bollywood reviews | Indian movie reviews | music reviews
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