This is about grading system in 10th ssc ap. ap 10th results grading system. grading system 10th board exam.

Andhra Pradesh SSC, Intermediate Exam Results 2010 is available now online.

SSC (Secondary School Certificate) is a public examination for the 10th class

SSC Grading System – SSC board has introduced grading system And is implemented from this year. Nine point relative grading is used to evaluate the student performance.This grading system had both subject grades and aggregate grades according to the student performance in all subjects. The highest grade A1 will be given to first 12.5 % passed Candidates.

If one lakh students pass in the exam, the top 12,500 will get A1 grade.

Following are the Grades in SSC

A1 - Top 12.5% of the passed candidates
A2 - Less than top 12.5% but above 25%
B1 - Less than top 25% but above 37.5%
B2 - Less than 37.5% but above 50%
C1 - Less than 50% but above 62.5%
C2 - Less than 62.5% but above 75%
D1 - Less than 75% but above 87.5%
D2 - Bottom 12.5% of the passed candidates i.e., between 87.5% and 100% of the passed candidates
E - Not Qualified, WH - Result Withheld for Want of information, MP - Malpractice,
CP - Compartmentally Passed, AB - Absent for all papers

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The AP Online and e-Seva centres will also provide the results along with subject-wise marks and relative grades to students at a fee of Rs 10 per student.

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