After long time I am writing about In & around you, Thanks for your response from "Image hospital Hyderabad, money lust people stay away"
Recently I have shifted from Hyderabad to Chennai, after being consulted to few of friends and taking their opinion, finally I made mistake. Despite most of the people suggested names of good packers and movers like Agrawal and Leo packers and movers. I made up with 1st economy packer and movers.
Little about their promises.
Got this number from (guess is being paid from these buggers), called them, on phone itself he promised us at cheap rate. He visited our house, seen the household items, and given the quote, It was just Rs.3000 difference from Leo packer. I just carried away with that fellows promises and sweet language, he mentioned Ex-service men company(Do not make false promises) and with Jai-Mata dii Name(Trust).
He said, he will give us separate container lorry for transport, He said they have their own transport. and all.
On The day of shifting they came with 4-5 people and started packing our household items. The first realization of my mistake pop up, when I have seen the way they were winding up the things, realized the difference of professional packers these money lust packers.
While taking down my showcase from fist floor, they broke up the glass door of it, whey asked, He nicely said, while taking down it broke up. If he would been professional, he would have packed it first then brought down, despite of I telling him pack the glasses first. After few time he agreed his mistake and given me Rs. 1500 for showcase of Rs.4000/-.
This is about Hyderabad, When the lorry reached to Chennai, after three days(promise was for two days, thank god there were no other stories like, driver kee sali mar gayi, gadi puncher hoo gayi..blaha blaha), I was shocked to see my luggage condition. The way it was transported, just wrapped in Eicher Tempo along with some other factory luggage. The tempo driver keep calling me asking where is our office, means those bugger do not have office here in Chennai, When I asked about lorry to the driver(Driver no. 09390407947), he said those people will make any stories to customer for business, actually most of the packer and movers don't own lorry, they hire from other person.
Two people came from his contacts and only two people have unloaded the luggage, I have to climb on the lorry and separate out and identify my items, it was horrible experience, in these summer days in Chennai. I regret that I have done such mistake of giving my valuable household items in such unprofessional and unethical hands, after seeing condition of goods, all glass items were broken, all mitti items were broken, few bends on iron goods, plastic goods just thrown away. Apart from this
Items missing - big photo frame, carton box no, 9.
Items still in Hyderabad
(after 3 week ), bed part (without which we can not make bed, we are sleeping on floor). These people do not feel regret and keeps adding new stories.

From last two week I am calling to Surinder Chauhan(Most CHATU AADAMI ever met) from Hyderabad and another bugger is Rajesh sigh.
For my bed part at least, but he is making all the time stories sometimes not picking up phones.
Even called to MS chuhan - his delhi head office(where you can file legal complaint against him) somehow got their number and websites and email ID '' phone no's 09310444086/84, But all in vain, not getting proper information.

Finally don't go with any such packers and movers who makes lots of promises especially 1st economy packer and movers(On the name of Jai mata dii and Ex-service men company they are fooling peoples), you will spend your time running behind them and finally gave up, because you have to fly to Delhi for legal action against him and that to in a week.

Please share your experiences and suggest what can be done, at least names of such fraud packers and movers who does keep their promises and takes away your valuable money, goods and time.