One of today's (14th September 2009) search phrase is Hannan Binth Hashim, a class X student from Kozhikode.
One website screams "SPEED OF LIGHT IS NOT CONSTANT!! NEW THEORY BY 14 YEAR OLD INDIAN GIRL". Another says "Hannan Binth Hashim: A 14-year-old with astrophysicists".
Here is one

Hannan Binth Hashim the 14 year old class X girl from Kozhikode will deliver her lecture on astrophysics at Universities of Boston, Chicago, Texas, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and 17 others across the world. Hannan Binth Hashim is an aspiring astrophysicist and mathematical researcher. In her research titled 'Absolute Theory of Zero' she questioned the accuracy of many existing theories like Albert Einstein's 'Theory of relativity' and the Big Bang Theory.

Hannan Binth Hashim has Dr Soumya Vasudevan, a Hind Rattan award winner as her mentor and her works are being considered for publishing in 'American Journal of Theoretical Physics'.

According to Hannan Binth Hashim "Absolute Theory of Zero is a new mathematical system which explains the established theories in a different light. Through the theory she has explained that the speed of light is not constant always.

Hannan Binth Hashim's works have been appreciated by former President A P J Abdul Kalam, scientists at IISc, IIMSc and many leading research institutes around the world including NASA.

Hanaan participated in the NASA space camp held in August and a model rocket designed by her was launched. She will be participating in the Siemens Westinghouse Science and Technology competition for high school students in October this year in the US where she is likely to meet US President Barack Obama. reports
Some of the facts about this,
  • I doubt on IIMSc , is there any institute named IIMSc ?
  • There is no update on Wikipedia no article about Hannan Binth Hashim on wiki. 
  • There is no online media saying about President A P J Abdul Kalam appreciation, no proof about it.
These facts are not to discourage Hannan Binth Hashim, nor does it imply she's fake. Hope she'll make all these claims come true – one day.