building collapse in sanpada, mumbai is a Rumor; The building at Shanghai's "Lotus Riverside" apartment complex collapse in china, Building Collapse In Sanpada False News It in China Shanghai

The building, one of 11 in a wider project, fell over early on Saturday when pillars that were supposed to be buried deep under the earth were uprooted. The event has sparked worries about construction safety in China.reports bbc news. check out photos of building collapse in china, shanghai at bbc news.

The rumor on the internet that this incidence took place in Sanpada, Mumbai, is worrying mumbaikar's but its Rumor: Propety blog
The pictures building collapse in china that of Shanghai and it happended on 27th/ 29th June 09

What Caused The Collapse?

Is a case of shoddy construction – known in China as "tofu-dregs" construction. reports npr