Sharing is Caring very popular widget for the social bookmarking, and Anyone can find many articles on the net for how to get Sharing is Caring or Sharing is Sexy widget.

In this article you may not find the steps to get the code and make it work on your blog or site instead article will tell you few solution the issue which generally a user come across.

1) Image Buttons not shown on Sharing is Caring Widget?
Ans: Download images on your on imagehosting or storage location and replace the path of SexySprite.png link.

2) Title not follwed by deleimeter in HTML
Ans: Try to use correct HTML '&' operators by &

3) Not able to get Sharing is Caring
Ans: replace left bottom by left Top in code and right bottom to Right Top.

This are my findings and solution on above issues, Try yourself this tricks and get the work done, bingo :).

Your comments welcome.