Shark Tank was on Friday with a pitch for a brand new product called LipStix Remix.

The product Lipstix Remix, which was invented by stay at home mom Jill Guilin at her kitchen table, is a clever way to save money on lipstick.

"The Original LipStix ReMix System includes a patent pending lipstick mold that provides an affordable and easy way to mix your lipstick and create a new professionally shaped lipstick in just minutes."

Where Can I find more about Lipstix remix?

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Lipstix Remix is on Twitter

Tonight on ABC's reality hit Shark Tank another wave of hopeful entrepreneurs try their luck with the sharks - seeking the financial backing that might.

Shark Tank: Captain Ice Cream and Lipstix Remix! | Reality TV Magazine

Jill asks for $105000 for a 30% cut of Lipstix Remix. The product is a mold to create lipsticks at home using the bottom third of old lipsticks that were previously unusable. Jill gives a quick demonstration,

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