Aftermath of deadly storm:
A fierce storm, heavy snow and vicious winds in its wake made its way from America’s Midwest to the New England region. The storm created havoc conditions burying cars under huge drifts.
Officials reported 16 inches of snow in Des Moines and nearly 19 inches just south of Madison, Wisconsin. Gusts of up to 50mph created snow drifts between eight and 15 feet high and even knocked down a two-storey Christmas tree in Champaign, Illinois.

Impact of the storm arriving just before Christmas:
People are skeptical about the impact the storm would cause on the Christmas celebrations as the major storm is moving up the Atlantic coast on the last shopping weekend before Christmas. The stocking up of groceries and other staples happened on Friday after the national weather service issued winter storm warnings from the Carolinas to Rhode Island. Many Airlines have cancelled their flights on Saturday and Sunday.

Preventions being made before the snowfall:
The heaviest snows are forecast for northern Virginia including Washington, DC to Baltimore and Philadelphia where 1 foot is likely and even 1 to 2 feet around Washington, DC.Maryland and Washington crews were prepping roads by spraying salt brine solution to prevent snow and ice from sticking.